About DRNO

An individual of Chinese-German cultural heritage, DRNO was born in Kowloon to a German methodist missionary and a chan-buddhist Chinese woman, but was raised by his aunt. When older, he went to Shanghai, where he became involved with the Tongs, a Chinese crime syndicate. Later he was smuggled to Germany and settled in Frankfurt, where he became a clerk and eventually treasurer for a Tong in Germany, called the “Hip-Sings”. In the late 1990s, a mob war broke out in Berlin’s Chinatown, forcing the police to crack down on them. DRNO stole a million dollars in gold from the Tongs and disappeared. But the Tongs tracked him down and tortured him to find the location of the gold. When the untouchable DRNO did not tell them, the Tongs cut off his left arm, shot him through the left side of the chest and left him for dead. DRNO survived, due to a condition called dextrocardia, in which his heart was on the right side of the body. DRNO spent a long time in Charité Hospital, then enrolled in Humboldt University in Berlin, which counted thinkers like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels among its alumni. It is unclear if DRNO completed his studies, but he adopted the title ‘Doktor of Musicology and Media Studies’ as well as ‘Doktor of Area Studies’. He then changed his name (his birth name is unknown) to Julius No, symbolic of his rejection of his father, whose given name was Julius, derived from the roman emperor Julius Caesar. DRNO fitted himself with titanium manual prostheses. In physical appearance DRNO is a tall and very thin man carrying very long dark hair, which was treated with H2O2. With the million dollars from the Tong, he purchased a collection of rare stamps in order to preserve his money against inflation and to show it to some nice girls. Later he purchased the concealed Island of Crab Key, where he re-started a defunct guano business as a cover for his proposed criminal operations. He employs not North-American but East-German, Russian, Libyan, Vietnamese, Venezuelan, Angolan and Cuban labourers on good wages for the guano works, brutally supervised by Jamaican “Chigroes” (a portmanteau of ‘Chinese’ and ‘Negroes’, referring to their mixed ancestry). No one who comes to the island is allowed to leave. DRNO, with aid from the Soviets, sabotaged the nearby tests of American missiles by jamming their signals and making them land and explode on a different target than that planned. This forced the Americans to spend time and money redesigning their missiles. He also recovered missiles from the ocean and turned them over to the Russians. Several attempts by MI6-Agents to murder DRNO failed. The CIA had witnessed, that the supervillain disappeared while flying with his aircraft above the Bermuda Triangle. Western secret services assume DRNO went into hiding in the slums of Havanna, where he is plotting another evil plan to dominate the world.


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